Overcoming Obstacles: It's your time to RISE

The gripping true story of 2-time Olympian and 4-time Pan American Games Medalist Jessica Phoenix


They Say...

Patricia Da Silva, Heels Down Media CEO

"Rise is a fabulous story. It takes you on the incredible journey of Olympic equestrian Jessica Phoenix's quest to compete at the 2015 Pan American Games after a serious accident. It's a behind-the-scenes look at the grit and determination of an athlete, and how Jessica fights through adversity to achieve her goals. It's not simply an equestrian story or an athlete's biography, it's an inspirational book that shows how you can get through the lows and rise.” 

Shelley Peterson, Best-Selling Author of “Sundancer” and “Mystery at Saddle Creek”

 “Jessica Phoenix takes all obstacles in stride, whether they be personal or on the back of her cherished horses. Her story is one of courage, talent and determination, coupled with her great love for horses and her intuitive knowledge of them. This book is inspirational, not just to riders who admire Jessica as a role model, but to everyone with a dream.” 

Dan Pollard, Morning Show Host & General Manager 105.5 HITS FM

 “Equestrians are unique athletes. To be successful they need to be able to intertwine themselves with the horse while remaining in charge. It is not an individual sport yet it requires a strong individual. Jessica does just that not only in her competitions but in life. She has the ability to lead while finding common ground with others. Her message is positive. Her message is inspiring. Julie has done a wonderful job revealing the athlete, the wife, the mother and the sister. This is not a book for just equestrians. It is a book for anyone navigating the challenges of life. Well done!”