Speaking Opportunities

RISE School Tour


Students will be inspired by this interactive presentation by a Canadian Olympian and author. These sisters hammer home the importance of using perseverance, determination and courage to achieve our goals, using real-life examples.

RISE in Business


Using the principles she's developed to become an elite athlete and successful business woman, Jessica shares techniques and tips to help business leaders and entrepreneurs overcome the roadblocks that hinder success.

RISE in Life


Churches and community groups are feeling the positive impact of Julie's and Jessica's message: Never. Give. Up. Seasons of trial will pass, and victory is waiting on the other side! 

They Say


"Jessica and Julie speak about determination, perseverance and courage, giving their audience the message that with hard work and believing in yourself you can accomplish your goals. Engaging and interactive, the students were excited to be a part of the presentation and could relate to their message. Their story is authentic, allowing students to easily feel connected. It is one of the most inspiring presentations I’ve ever had in a school."

-Gavin Ruddock, Vice-Principal, Quaker Village P.S.

They Say


"I highly recommend it. It was amazing. Fantastic advice. I recommend it to any business. It's a great story; it's really inspirational and there are a lot of great life lessons. Give them a call, hire them and bring it to your business. It's well worth it."

-Jacqueline Brooks, Canadian Olympian & Equestrian Business Professional 

They Say


"A highlight of this special day was the presentation provided by Jessica Phoenix and her sister, Julie Fitz-Gerald. They are certainly a dynamic duo with a very powerful message. In schools today, we talk a lot about resiliency and self-regulation. Their story demonstrates how one can rebound, making a miraculous recovery, when faced with obstacles which appear to be insurmountable."

-Carolyn Morton,  Durham District School Board Trustee for Brock, Uxbridge and Scugog